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THIS is Legit Motherhood

Jan 8, 2020

I am super excited for this episode with my new friend Cheree Sauer. She tells her story and journey of how motherhood was unlike anything she ever expected and how prioritizing self care changed her life and motherhood. It also led her to starting a company where she makes self care boxes for other moms!

She talks about how she relied on God to get out of her funk and how some simple self care practices helped her change her motherhood perspective.

We also talk a lot about the definition of self care and what that looks like for YOU. If you enjoy this episode, please reach out to me and Cheree on our Instagrams (links below!)

Cheree is the owner and founder of Heartfelt Mamas, a self care gift box company for mamas in every stage of motherhood. She sources all of her products from Spokane local mom and family owned businesses but her boxes ship anywhere in the United States.  She is passionate about teaching mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self care so moms can be the best versions of themselves for their families. She is a self care speaker and coaches mamaprenuers how to find balance and abundance in their lives and business. 

If you would like to follow Cheree and what she is doing with HeartFelt Mamas...check out these links:

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook

Join her Facebook group: The Balanced Mamaprenuer

You can go to her Website and check out her self care kits.  Use Code: HEARTFELTMAMAS10 for 10% off any gift box.

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