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THIS is Legit Motherhood

Oct 23, 2019

The chiropractor told me to rest and not pick up my two year old...and my first thoughts in the world am I going to survive??⁠ 

I recently had a month and a half of constant unexpected family emergencies, injuries, and illnesses and I wondered how in the world we were surviving. And some of those days...I had to lay on the couch and rest and put on the TV. I went into "survival mode"!⁠

In this episode of THIS is Legit Motherhood, I get real with you about those days we have that are just hard and we go into mom survival mode! I feel like there are 3 different types of survival mode:⁠

1) Pregnancy/newborn survival mode⁠

2) Unexpected life survival mode⁠

3) Day to day survival mode⁠

Mamas you aren't alone when you feel like your house is a mess and you haven't put make up on this week because of a sick kid or an unexpected family emergency. IT'S OK! Is everyone alive and breathing and fed and dressed? Then you're good! haha⁠

You'll get through your survival mode. It won't last forever. Do your best mama! And listen to this episode to know you are not alone!


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