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THIS is Legit Motherhood

Feb 10, 2021

It’s valentine’s week and I have a special surprise for you!


On the podcast, we have a former guest coming back on the show! Amanda Louder, sex and marriage coach, came onto the show last year around Valentine’s which is super fun because she’s back again! Yep...talking all about intimacy but this time something I feel that is SO RELATABLE to almost every mom out there.


Do you ever get touched out from the kids all day and then don’t ever feel in the mood? This episode is for you because Amanda gives some great tips and ideas to help you change that!


This episode has some amazing golden nuggets you don’t want to miss like:


> The 5 gears of sex (this was soooo good!)

> How to get in the mood after a long day of “mom”

> The importance of touch


You don’t want to miss this episode. And Amanda suggests you get your spouse to listen to it too (*wink wink*)!


More info on Amanda:


Instagram: @amandaloudercoaching