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THIS is Legit Motherhood

Sep 30, 2020

Sometimes talking about legit motherhood can be hard.


This week’s episode tackles one of the harder topics, but I appreciate Megan who came on and shares her story about losing a child and how she now helps other grieving moms. In this episode, she talks a lot about the hope that can come from trauma, how you can heal, and moving forward with better meaning and joy. For those of you who have experienced child loss in any way, my hugs and message of hope go to you! I hope this episode will bring you comfort and strength in finding more meaning and joy from your experiences.


Megan is a grieving mother as her 15 month old daughter Aria died. Through her experience with grief, trauma, and child loss, she now coaches and supports other grieving mothers on their grief journeys. Megan believes that grief is a normal and natural response to loss, and there are ways to support our bodies and minds through this painful experience so we all can learn to carry our grief instead of suffer with grief.


Megan Hillukka lives with her husband Justin near Minneapolis, MN. They have 6 children and are currently renovating a school bus into their future home. 


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