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THIS is Legit Motherhood

May 20, 2020

With everything being different in our world right now, it’s always nice to learn ways we can help our kids feel less scared with everything going on.


One way we can do that is through understanding how to explain, support and help our kids cope during medical experiences. In this episode I chat with Kara Kimball, certified Child Life Specialist, who gives some great tips on taking kids to the doctor, helping your kids through COVID and so much other great advice! 


Kara reminds us, “Remember that the WHY is most important when talking about going to the doctor. Don’t just tell them what is going to happen, but what it’s going to do for your child to help them.”


Kara, a Utah native, is a certified child life specialist with a BS in Family Life with an emphasis in Human Development. She worked at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in several different departments before moving to California and deciding to stay home with her three young children. Kara started Child Life Saver to empower parents to help their kids cope during medical experiences.


I hope you enjoy this episode and that it helps you feel more confident when taking your kids to the doctor or the hospital!


Learn More About Kara here:

IG: @childlifesaver

FB, Pinterest, Twitter - @ Child Life Saver


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