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THIS is Legit Motherhood

Jan 2, 2020

Hey Mamas! Welcome to 2020...a new decade!

Are you feeling a little bit overwhelmed because it is a new year? Do you feel pressure to make lots of goals and make big changes? Today I wanted to talk about 6 ways you can simplify the idea of a "new years resolution".

I also am starting a new thing this year with the podcast in trying to help you take more action into being the best legit mama you can be. The end of all episodes will feature:

1) A 5 minute action item you can do today

2) A 10 minute action item you can do this week

Making goals and being your best self, should be simple. It should make your life better in small steps, day by day. You should not take on more than you can handle. And you can do this!

Coming THIS MONTH (January 2020) is my Magic Mommy Method Workshop! This FREE online workshop will help you structure your days so that you can get some time back for your family and for yourself. Registration is open! To sign up for more info soon, CLICK HERE.


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