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THIS is Legit Motherhood

Nov 27, 2019

Do you ever feel like you get in funks in your motherhood where you feel tired, unproductive, and just no drive to do another thing?

In this interview, Katie Fleming opens up about her journey of motherhood and the things she does to keep her momentum in motherhood. That doesn't mean she never has a bad day, but she has learned how to bounce back quickly. She has some amazing insights and teaches an amazing trick she does to stay on task.

Highlights of our chat:

>How to get out of your motherhood funks

>4 Anchor points in your day to help you stay motivated in your day.

>A simple trick with organizing your paper clutter that is a small way to keep you on task and less stressed. This small tip is something I now use!

Katie is a podcast host, speaker and a business and marketing mentor for mom entrepreneurs who are coaches, consultants and service providers growing their income to 6 figures without sacrificing their family life. She is a big believer in what she calls, Ambitious Motherhood, pursuing your calling both in and out of your home. She is mother to 2 and lives in Florida!

You can find Katie on Instagram or join her Ambitious Motherhood Facebook Group.

Katie also has a podcast call Ambitious Motherhood. Check it out! 

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