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THIS is Legit Motherhood

Nov 20, 2019

Emma loves to learn and she knew she always wanted to be a mom! But when she became a mom, she didn't realize how much she would still love to learn and how being a natural nurturing mom was hard for her. In a matter of a move to New York and her husband quitting a job that wasn't the right fit for him, she started a business and now provides financially for her family while her husband stays home with the kiddos. Her journey is inspiring!

Some highlights of what we talk about are:⁠

>The journey that led Emma to starting her own business
>The unexpected things about motherhood that Emma didn't know would happen.
>How the best fit for their family was Emma and her husband swapping roles in who worked and who helped with the kids

Emma Natter is a business strategist and launch coach for the noble-hearted creative. She provides resources, education, and inspiration to help new and seasoned business owners build a fulfilling life and business. She serves her growing online community with YouTube videos and emails, daily Instagram stories, and recommending all of her favorite products and resources. She is the mother of 2 and currently lives in Oregon.

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